Land Clearing Services In Massachusetts

Numerous construction firms have need of land clearing services for their projects. Whether it’s building a new road, laying an oil or gas pipeline or installing new power lines, nothing can get done until the route is free of obstacles.

BLUROC made its name providing site clearing throughout the region. We have the equipment and expertise needed to create the blank canvas onto which your business can deliver the perfect finished product. Our skills and capabilities make us the leaders for land clearing in Massachusetts.

Utility companies trust BLUROC for superior access solutions. We have the know-how to provide power line right-of-way clearing, pipeline ROW clearing or any other related work. We will cut down trees, clear away brush and remove rocks and debris that are in your path.

Why You Need Professionals

Although many contractors think they can save time and money by performing right-of-way clearing in house, they may be in for a shock. Even if they already have the necessary tools, crews may not have the experience or patience to do everything that needs to be done. Trees leave behind stumps; boulders may be hiding just beneath the surface and underbrush may be much thicker than it appears. A half-completed job means the risk of injury to your team or damage to your machinery is still lurking.

That’s why putting your project in the hands of a professional land clearing company makes the most sense. At BLUROC, we’ve seen it all and leave no stone unturned. Although we come prepared with the appropriate heavy equipment for the job, we also know when it’s time to use hand tools and elbow grease to take care of a stubborn obstacle.


As an accomplished provider of access-related services, there’s no better partner to clear your site. We can handle even the most challenging conditions while still operating as safely as possible. We follow appropriate procedures with every assignment. Our commitment to the well-being of our employees and your project means we never cut corners or rush through a job.

We also know more about maintaining environmental standards than anyone else. We ensure that any compliance issues are addressed in the most responsible and effective manner. Our goal has always been and continues to be solving problems for our clients.

BLUROC brings the highest-quality equipment and most complete knowledge to your location no matter the terrain. To learn more about our services or to receive a quote, get in touch with us today.